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Babolat Origin gives players more control without relying on any polyester. This polyamide monofilament is made from a revolutionary bio-based material called PureCombo. This material allows the string to offer unmatched power and comfort. The monofilament construction allows it to play with more power than a multifilament string. Its unique material properties allow it to generate more power with less effort, yielding a string that offers more comfort than any other synthetic. Durability is also exceptional thanks to the string’s monofilament design. Players seeking a revolutionary synthetic string that offers premier durability, power and comfort will want to string their racquet with Babolat Origin.   Construction: 100% Natural Polyamide Monofilament   Length: 40'   Gauge: 1.30mm (16G) or 1.25mm (17G)   Color: Black | Flourescent Red   Features -More forgiving than polyester -Excellent tension maintenance -Good power with minimal effort -100& polyamide mono-filament -Great option for hybrids