Luxilon Big Banger Original Rough 16 String

Luxilon Big Banger Original Rough 16 String




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Luxilon Big Banger Original Rough 16 features a textured surface for greater spin potential.  The rough version of this string will feel slightly stiffer compared to Big Banger Original. Providing less power and more durability than ALU Power, the stiffer feel is preferred by pure power baseliners. One of the first co-polyester strings to be constructed, Big Banger Original Rough 16 provides better feel and tension maintenance comapred to first generation polyester strings. The low power level of this string makes it an ideal choice for baseliners who take full cuts at the ball and rely on generating spin to control the depth of their shots. Best suited to advanced level players seeking a durable, control string with decent feel and power.Construction: Extruded polyester monofilamentColor: NaturalGauge: 1.30mm