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Solinco Tour Bite 16L/ Vanquish 16g Hybrid Tennis String

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Solinco Tour Bite 16LG/ Vanquish 16G Hybrid provides players access to game changing spin while providing the comfort and exceptional control that they want. This pre packed hybrid string set combines two high quality strings into one dynamic package. The main strings are Tour Bite polyester. This award winning co-poly is known worldwide for its tremendous spin potential. The string’s unique four sided design gives it enormous spin potential and bite on the ball. The latest in co-poly additives provides increased power as well as improved tension maintenance and feel. For the cross strings, the pack provides Solinco’s Vanquish multifilament string. The string combines a Du Pont high modulus multifilament core with an enhanced performance resin. The result is exceptional feel on contact as well as increased comfort and touch. The cross string also softens up the string bed, providing players with additional comfort and playability over a full bed of polyester. The 16L gauge/16 gauge diameters provide top level durability with a slight reduction in feel over thinner versions. The Solinco Tour Bite 16LG/Vanquish 16G Hybrid provides a perfect match for players after the spin and control needed to control the court along with plenty of comfort and feel.  Construction: Mains: Co-polyester monofilament; Crosses: Multifilament Color: Silver/Natural Gauge: 1.25mm/1.30mm Length: 22.3’ mains/20.7’ crosses

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Solinco Tour Bite 16L/ Vanquish 16g Hybrid Tennis String


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