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Yonex EZone DR100

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Yonex updates the EZONE Ai 100 with the EZONE DR 100. Like its predecessor, this racquet provides intermediate and advanced players with speed, spin and controllable power. Yonex updates the layup with Nanometric DR, a premium carbon graphite material that enables a more powerful ball repulsion. Also new to this model are enlarged grommet holes, which enable the strings to absorb more of the shock that results from off-center shots. Other notable technologies include the iconic Isometric head shape, which is well known for providing a larger, more forgiving hitting zone. Yonex also adds its Quake Shut Gel inside the handle to further reduce harsh impact vibrations. Taken together, these technologies give the DR 100 an impressive level of comfort and dampening while also maintaining the firm and crisp feel that connects the player to the ball. From the baseline this racquet feels very stable for its maneuverable 11.1 ounce weight. Thanks to its fast, aerodynamic profile and headlight balance, topspin players will have no problem generating the head speed needed for hitting effective spin. At net this stick is fast enough for reaction volleys but it also holds up very well when redirecting heavy pace. Yonex has built a very impressive weapon for the player who wants a comfortably crisp racquet with controllable power and easy access to spin.  
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Yonex EZone DR100


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