Tennis is here to stay, Not PickleBall!

by David Beinhacker on February 20, 2020
In the tennis world, we've seen many new racquet sports attempt to dethrone the giant.  The latest one being PickleBall is trying but will never compete.  As a tennis store owner I see many players trying out the sport but ultimately come bak to tennis.  Let's forget the name for a second, (btw, that's why Nike has refused to enter the space).  They stated that they can't get behind a "silly game".  Let's also forget one of the rules of (not entering the "kitchen"). The scoring?  Quite strange.  Regardless of these items their are quite a few people I know that love the game.  They are called hip and knee surgeons.  Our tennis players who are doctors have been become so busy lately because of the sport.  There biggest issue is that new players to there sport (people in their 50s-80s) haven't played many sports in there near past and forget there importance of stretching.  Players also think that it's easier on the body than tennis.  Simply not true.  This game is played on hard court and has very unnatural movement.   For all of these reasons I have decided not to cary anymore pickle ball products. Im offended and disappointed to here that awful noise coming from the courts.  But don't worry,  it's simply a fad that will pass in due time.
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